Delivering quality wood chips

Introducing GoodChips® — the first international certification scheme for wood chips.

Wood chips have been produced and traded worldwide for decades. In the 1960s, the first transoceanic shipments of wood chips hinted at a boost of their industrial use, which turned out to be the reality today.

According to Bioenergy Europe, wood chips represent 50% of all the solid biomass consumed for energy purposes in Europe, making it one of the most popular materials in the sector. Another contributing factor is the development of hog fuel, a biomass material similar to wood chips, with differences in the tools used for production and the product’s shape.

However, for all these years the wood chips market has been functioning while lacking a fundamental element — a proper quality framework. Responding to this longlasting demand from the industry, GoodChips® — the first international certification scheme to guarantee the quality of wood chips and hog fuel on the market — was established in 2019. Bioenergy Europe has been managing the world-leading certification for wood pellets, ENplus®, and its success has...

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