Decarbonising gas in France

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Bioenergy Insight hears from Gaz Réseau Distribution France (GRDF), responsible for the largest gas distribution network in Europe, about the steps it is making in enacting the energy transition.
Established in 2007, GRDF designs, builds, operates and maintains the largest gas distribution network in Europe. With 200,000 km of network across more than 9,500 French municipalities, GRDF delivers natural gas to 11 million residential, commercial and industrial customers every day, ensuring gas supplies for their heating, cooking, mobility and industrial processes.
Gas distribution is a public service mission in France. It falls under the combined authority of the government, regional and local authorities, and the Commission for Energy Regulation (CRE). The activities of GRDF are governed by a public service contract (PSC) which sets out GRDF’s key commitments in six main topics:
• Security of gas supply and continuity of public service;
• Security of network and facilities;
• The quality of relationships with all customers;
• Balanced regional and local development;
• The energy transition;
• Innovation,...

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