Decarbonising Canada’s natural gas supply

FortisBC believes RNG is a viable avenue towards a lower carbon future. Here, the firm’s RNG account manager, Jenelle De La Cour, discusses its most recent developments.

British Columbia has historically been among Canada’s most environmentally progressive jurisdictions and FortisBC, a major energy solutions provider, has been working to meet the expectations of its customers and local government.

In alignment with the provincial government’s CleanBC plan to reduce emissions, FortisBC announced its own commitment to reducing emissions in its 30BY30 target, one of the most ambitious emissions reduction targets in the Canadian utility sector.

FortisBC is working to reduce its customers’ emissions by 30% by 2030, relying heavily on a goal of having 15% — around 30 million gigajoules annually — of the natural gas supply becoming carbon-neutral. To meet its 30BY30 target, FortisBC is redoubling efforts to build new carbon-neutral gas supply through advancing its 10-year old renewable natural gas (RNG) programme.

RNG is a certified carbon-neutral gas made primarily from capturing biogas...

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