Deadline for entries to Privilege Finance student award approaches

The deadline for applying to Privilege Finance’s Climate Change Thought Leadership Award for students is fast approaching, with entries closing on 24 September.

The award is open to undergraduates, postgraduates and PhD students. Winning candidates will secure a £1,000 (€1,160) prize, a mentoring opportunity - including a tour of an anaerobic digestion plant - and 12 months of access to Privilege’s contacts to bolster the students’ networking prospects.

The successful candidates will have completed a dissertation or research project on either climate change or carbon reduction solutions.

“We want to encourage graduates to consider a career in the low carbon and renewable energy sector and promote the full range of career opportunities available to them,” said Stevie Leeks, marketing manager and award sponsor at Privilege.

“Climate change is a hot topic at the moment and with COP26 on the horizon, the student’s research couldn’t be any more time appropriate.

“These are the people who will shape our industry in years to come and we need to support them through the primary stages of their career by offering them some invaluable mentoring, access to beneficial networking opportunities, and a healthy cash prize.”

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