DBC Invest acquires majority share of Danish biogas firm

DBC Invest, formed of agri-food company Vestjyllands Andel, Jysk Energi and loan and venture capital firm Langfristet Erhvervsfinansiering, is making its first investment in a Danish biogas plant.

DBC Invest was established in spring 2020 with DKK 215 million (€28.8 million) reserved to invest in biogas facilities. The joint investment firm has become the majority shareholder in Grauballegaard Biogas, whose future biogas plant is currently under construction north of Silkeborg. Production is expected to begin in mid-2021.

Rune Ledgaard Sørensen, director of DBC Invest, said: “We welcome the agreement and the upcoming collaboration with Grauballegaard Biogas. The investment is spot on in relation to DBC Invest’s ambitions to be an attractive partner in the Danish biogas industry.

“In addition to capital, we will contribute with a solid insight into the agricultural and energy sector, which we, in collaboration with Grauballegaard’s preliminary experience from the biomass and biogas area, will be able to utilise to the maximum. This is why we see good prospects for the plant.”

Mads Niær Kristensen, the owner of Grauballegaard and co-owner of Grauballegaard Biogas, will be a major supplier of biomass for the new plant. He also receives the title of director of Graueballegaard Biogas and will play a central role in the development of the new plant. He said: “I believe in a good and fruitful collaboration.

“DBC consists of some professionals who have a great interest in and good knowledge of biogas, so there is fertile ground for bringing a lot of synergies forward. In addition, they are involved in other biogas plants and the development of grass protein, which helps to bring further knowledge to the table.”

Steen Bitsch, director of Vestjyllands Andel, said: “Vestjyllands Andel considers biogas production to be an important value creation in Danish agriculture. Therefore, we are pleased that we have put the first flag on the map, and hopefully, more will come.

“It is important for us that agriculture is credited for the green transition both financially and environmentally.”

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