David Pitt, director of Enertecgreen, on the small actions that can make a huge difference

David Pitt, director of Enertecgreen
David Pitt, director of Enertecgreen
What first drew you to the bioenergy industry?
"On a philosophical level it was the opportunity to participate in an energy revolution that would address the needs of the planet to combat climate change. From a business perspective it had enormous appeal in terms of growth and potential returns. I started my career as an engineer in the oil industry and then moved into software technologies related to energy asset management and trading so it felt like a natural next step for me."

What is the best thing about your job?
"The challenge of pulling together all the disparate threads that make a new project venture successful. Developing a business case for deploying our technology and then shaping that to achieve a solution that meets investor needs is the start of the journey. This is then followed by the completion of all the various commercial agreements, planning and regulatory requirements needed to secure funding and be in a position to move forward. Every project is a new journey and there are many twists, turns and dead ends on the way so when you finally cross the finishing line it is immensely rewarding."
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David Pitt, director of Enertecgreen

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