Data centre to be powered by agricultural waste-derived biogas

Adista and Datafarm Energy are planning to commission a data centre powered exclusively by renewable energy from recycling agricultural biowaste in France.

The project is a first in the data centre world, which is constantly seeking long-term renewable, low-carbon and secure energy solutions. Both companies are aiming for the first part to start operation in 2022 and intend to rapidly increase the energy capacities of the future site.

Adista, a B2B alternative cloud and telecommunications operator in France, will operate the future data centre in full, applying its expertise in data centre management.

With the help of renewable energy start-up Datafarm Energy and its Datafarm Box©, the future Adista site will be powered continuously with renewable energy and strive for net-zero emissions. This will be achieved through the avoidance of electrical consumption related to cooling systems and reducing emissions thanks to the use of biogas.

Datafarm Energy uses biogas resulting from processing agricultural waste via methanation to regenerate it into power and cooling systems. The company’s process will also recycle residual heat, on-site, emitted by the data centre processes.

Stéphane Petibon, CEO of Datafarm Energy, said: “As a renewable energy, biogas emits very little CO2 of fossil origin and has the additional advantage of being non-intermittent, which means that its continuous and manageable production (regardless of sunshine or wind) is perfectly in phase with the consumption profiles of data centres.

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