Danish energy firm to build biomass gasification plant in France

Danish firm Dall Energy has developed a new ‘disruptive’ biomass furnace that reduces dust and particle emissions by more than 90%. According to the company, the biomass burner has numerous benefits, from lower investment costs (due to a simple design), lower maintenance costs and a very wide load window, with fast and easy variation between 10 and 100% load without issues.

Dall Energy claims its new biomass furnace also allows for a reduction in fuel cost, as the technology is “fuel flexible”, allowing the conversion of a range of low-value fuels, including wet and dry biomass, organic waste streams, willow and wood pellets. According to Dall Energy, many of today’s bioenergy technologies cannot meet emissions reduction demands without investing in "expensive" new systems. The company claims its technology can meet emissions reduction demands at “no extra cost”.

Dall Energy has collaborated with Dalkia, a subsidiary of EDF, on a project in France, using its biomass furnace. After several discussions and a fuel test of French fuel, Dalkia decided to buy a first gasifier unit from Dall Energy at its facility in the city of Rouen. The new heating plant in Rouen uses Dall’s gasification technology to comply with the city’s requirements for reducing its environmental footprint. The patented gasification system allows for cleaner combustion, ensuring air emissions are significantly lower than traditional grate incineration systems.

Construction of Dall Energy’s fifth biomass gasification plant project in Rouen will represent the firm’s largest project of its kind. The company previously built and commissioned three biomass gasification plants in Denmark and one in the US. It is hoped the Dalkia plant in France will be operational in 2020.

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