Dallas-Fort Worth airport signs RNG supply agreement

Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport (DFW) has signed an agreement with Clean Energy to power the airport’s vehicle fleet with renewable natural gas (RNG).

The agreement will see Clean Energy provide the airport with its Redeem band of RNG, which the natural gas provider claims is the ‘first renewable and commercially available vehicle fuel made entirely from 100 percent organic waste.’

According to a statement, the use of RNG is expected to reduce DFW fleet greenhouse gas emissions by approximately 70%.

Clean Energy distributes its Redeem brand in compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG forms). The fuel is produced from renewable natural gas production facilities owned and operated by Clean Energy. Biomethane is also procured from third party producers, according to the company’s website.

DFW was the US’ first carbon neutral airport, and began transitioning its fleet away from diesel in the 1990s. Now, 95% of the airport’s 317 vehicles are powered by CNG, including 187 shuttle buses, 120 fleet trucks and sedans, and various large service equipment vehicles.

“We applaud Dallas-Fort Worth for its commitment to achieve carbon neutrality and are proud that our Redeem product helps to support that effort,” said Ashley White, director and head of corporate sustainability, Clean Energy.

“Businesses and municipalities are learning that by fuelling with RNG they get a cleaner fuel that is domestically produced, organically sourced, and more economical.”

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