Dall Energy’s French connection

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The town of Amiens, Amiens Energies and ENGIE Solutions have selected Danish company Dall Energy to provide its gasification technology for a new 14MW district heating-plant. Ann Pedersen Bouisset, general sales manager for Dall Energy Aps, delves into the detail.
Alongside the deal with the plant, Dall Energy has secured a 10-year maintenance deal with ENGIE Solutions, which will handle operations of the Amiens plant for 20 years.

In France, biomass is considered a sustainable way to move away from fossil gas, while utilising the country's large amounts of garden waste, according to Dall Energy.

It added that Amiens has a vast amount of this type of biomass, making the company's patented technology and solution - where biomass is gasified through pyrolysis - an obvious choice for the town’s new district heating plant.

A signing ceremony took place last November at De L'innovation in Amiens in France.
"We have chosen Dall Energy as our partner for this public-private district heating-project, because the company’s technology truly enables a cost-effective green energy-transition for the benefit of Amiens' nearly 140,000 citizens," said...

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