Dairy farm installs biogas plant

In Wiltshire, UK, Stowell Farms is developing an anaerobic digestion plant to add value to the business.

The new plant, which was installed by EnviTec Biogas UK, will generate 4,150,000kWh of electricity from maize and whole-crop silage. Some of what is produced on site will be consumed on the farm, with the remaining sold to the National Grid at £0.13 (€0.15) per kWh.

The plant will also produce 3,555,000kWh of surplus heat. Thermal energy in the form of hot water will be offered to the local school and leisure centre, after being pumped from the farm site through an insulated pipe.

The biogas plant is expected to be producing electricity by mid-2011. it cost around £2 million.

'This project demonstrates how well biogas plants can compliment existing farming operations, providing long-term benefits with an index-linking income for 20 years,' says John Day, sales manager for EnviTec Biogas UK.

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