“Share of renewable energy in Czechia may double by 2030”

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More than 35% of the electricity and heat consumed in the Czech Republic could come from renewable energy sources by 2030, according to a forecast by the country's Chamber of Renewable Energy Sources. This means that, compared to today, the share of power derived from renewables would more than double.
The development of renewable energy sources should be driven by heat pumps, photovoltaics and wind power plants, according to the analysis.
The Czech cabinet is currently working on an update of the national energy and climate plan, which the Czech Republic is expected to send to the European Commission for consideration by the end of the month.
The plan should be discussed by the government next week.
According to Eurostat data, Czechia's share of electricity and heat from renewable sources was around 17.7% in 2021. Currently, Czechia lags behind in the use of renewables, especially in the case of electricity, whose share in total consumption in 2021 was 14.5%, according to Eurostat data. For heat, the share was 24.5%.
Heat pumps, photovoltaics and wind power plants as the main renewable energy sources will be complemented by biogas, biomethane, hydro and other controllable sources, according to the chamber's analysis.
In the bioenergy sector, a significant increase in capacity can be expected, the chamber said.

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