Cumbria biomass plant gets underway

Construction of a £3 million (€3.4 million) biomass plant at Dryholme Farm in Cumbria, UK is expected to commence by the end of this year.

Developer, manufacturer and operator of anaerobic digestion plants Farmgen is developing the project, which is expected to generate renewable energy for the National Grid by Q3/Q4 2011.

An estimated 1,000 homes will benefit from the 1.2MW of electricity produced at the plant.

Farmgen is also working on another £3 million biomass project in Warton, Lancashire, which it claims is on schedule to provide electricity to over 1,000 households next year.

‘We are highly delighted with the process being made at Warton but we have also been doing a lot of detailed work to ensure that we can move Dryholme Farm to the next stage of its development,’ said Ed Cattigan, CEO at Farmgen. ‘Following the site preparation, we are firmly on course for construction work to start by the end of the year.’

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