Cultivating a plan to utilise logging waste

Dr. Michael Berry of the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia’s Forest Industries Research Centre discusses its project to utilise logging waste as bioenergy

The University of the Sunshine Coast (USC), Australia’s Forest Industries Research Centre (FIRC) and Queensland-based HQPlantations have received a research grant to explore methods of converting logging offcuts and treetops into bioenergy and other bio-based products. It is hoped the research will develop viable alternatives for timber waste left behind by annual log harvests of more than 1.25 million tonnes from the Fraser Coast plantation estate. Bioenergy Insight spoke to Dr. Michael Berry of FIRC to find out more.

Could you tell our readers a bit about yourself and your role at USC’s Forest Industries Research Centre?

FIRC is recognised internationally as a leader in forest engineering, operations, logistics, supply chain management and the broader forestry value chain (economic and environmental sustainability). USC FIRC’s research disciplines and expertise extend to the full range of the value chain,...

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