CPL Industries launches new Ecoke product with 30% biomass

CPL Industries has launched its new Ecoke product range, partly using biomass, for industrial firms looking to accelerate their decarbonisation.

Ecoke is a manufactured fuel containing 30% sustainably sourced biomass. The new fuel also has significantly lower carbon emissions – up to 30% lower when compared to traditional fossil-based coke and anthracite with comparable performance and specifications.

Ecoke has been developed for steel, metal and other energy-intensive industries. It can be used by these industries with existing production processes and handling equipment so switching to lower emissions ‘straightforward, inexpensive, and immediate’, said the company.

“Ecoke has been developed in collaboration with a number of committed and forward-thinking partners including steelmakers, industry bodies, academic institutions and trade associations across the UK and Europe,” said Jason Sutton, CEO of CPL Industries.

“Industrial scale production of the product has been running throughout the summer with excellent results. Its development builds on our successful track record of innovation, supplying blended biomass Homefire Ecoal fuels to the domestic market.

“CPL continues to use technology and innovation across the business and in our dedicated research and development team, to develop advanced biofuels for the future.”

Steve Anson, CPL’s solid fuels managing director, commented: “With global steel production estimated to reach 2 billion tonnes per annum in the near future and the recent significant increases in carbon taxes and the EU ETS, there is a clear imperative to provide an immediate and cost-effective decarbonisation pathway to help heavy industries meet the needs of their customers.”

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