Could the grass be greener?

UK bioenergy leaders seek a green response to COVID-19, by Colin Ley

UK bioenergy leaders are working hard to keep the sector running in the face of COVID-19, striving to address short-term supply issues within a deeply disrupted global marketplace while also starting to focus on the industry’s ‘exit strategy’.

There are obvious downsides for renewable energy providers in a world where oil is suddenly available at a give-away price and where the idea of offloading all your airline shares is seen as a wise move.

At the same time, the world has become a cleaner, fresher place in recent weeks, tempting jellyfish into the canals of Venice and giving everyone a glimpse of life without a dependence on fossil fuels. The novelty of being able to see the sky in New Delhi and to enjoy breathing while you take in the view may just ‘fuel’ a global wave of post-virus support for the new order of cleanliness and light, over the old order of pollution and darkness.

While devising a strong commercial ‘exit strategy’ is already being discussed by industry leaders and government officials, the need...

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