Cost of German pellets on the rise

The average price per tonne of wood pellets in Germany has risen.

According to the German Energy Wood and Pellet Association (DEPV), the cost has increased slightly over the previous month and is currently €284.21 – 0.7% more than in October. In November 2012, the cost of a tonne of wood pellets was €247.90.

Location also plays a part in the cost of wood pellets in Germany. In northern and eastern Germany, for example, pellets trade at €277.13/tonne (for a delivery of 6 tonnes), while in the south of the country pellets are more expensive at a cost €286.80/tonne. Wood pellets are sold for around €283.40 per tonne in the centre of Germany.

Larger quantities of 26 tonnes per delivery cost €261.36/tonne, €273.50/tonne and €265.52/tonne, respectively.

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