Copersucar signs MoU to advance biogas-to-SAF production in Brazil

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Copersucar and Geo bio gas&carbon have signed a memorandum of understanding with the aim of developing technology for converting biogas into sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).
The agreement will aim to ake large-scale SAF production feasible in Brazil in the coming years by drawing on the scale of Copersucar - a giant in the sugar and ethanol sector - and Geo's biogas/biomethane production technology.
"As part of the partnership, the companies will build a commercial demonstration pilot plant that is expected to start operating in 2025," the companies said.
"The project to produce SAF from biogas/biomethane will employ the GTL (Gas-to-Liquid) route using Fischer-Tropsch technology, a chemical process for producing green liquid hydrocarbons from synthesis gas."
The companies added that biogas/biomethane-produced SAF is a product with high added value, a low carbon footprint, and a sustainable use of sugar cane.
"This partnership could represent a new avenue of growth for the Copersucar ecosystem, in line with our strategy of providing solutions at scale for the energy transition," said Copersucar's president, Tomás Manzano..
For Geo's CEO, Alessandro Gardemann, "biogas production routes from organic waste are important for positioning Brazil as a producer and exporter of advanced fuels with added value".
He said the unit "will be born with the foundations in place to quickly raise production to industrial scale".


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