Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners to construct two biogas plants in Spain

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Through its CI Advanced Bioenergy Fund I, Copenhagen Infrastructure Partners (CIP) has secured two sites to construct two large industrial-scale biogas plants in Catalonia, Spain (La Sentiu and Linyola).
The La Sentiu project has been appointed a project of strategic importance by the Catalan government, which CIP said mplies that the permit application for the plant will be prioritised by the Catalan government and administration.
CIP will, together with Spanish developer Connect Bioenergy, develop the biogas plants towards expected Final Investment Decision in 2024.
The biogas plants will use green sustainable feedstock (organic waste): pig manure from local farms, slaughterhouse waste and other industrial organic waste.
The plants will produce green gas (biomethane) to be injected into the existing natural gas grid and contribute to circularity, as the organic materials will be recirculated as nutrients (fertiliser) for agricultural production and produce biogen CO2 for industrial use or for Power-to-X projects.
The two biogas plants are expected to deliver a total CO2 emissions savings of more than 150,000 tons annually.
The plants are intended to deliver on both the long-term need for energy security and independence, and to deliver on the decarbonisation of hard-to-abate sectors.
Additionally, they will aid local job creation and will be part of the solution to the regional challenge with a surplus of nutrients in the soil and waterways caused by the concentration of agricultural production.
“We continue to see great potential in an efficient conversion of organic waste to green gas and green fuels. We believe that advanced bioenergy plays a key role in the green transition with replacement of fossil natural gas. The status of strategic importance for the La Sentiu project is an important milestone and a testimony of recognition of local support from the Catalan government.
"We look forward to continuing the good collaboration with our partners and local stakeholders, and to finalise the development of the project which will contribute significantly to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and create new local jobs,” said Thomas Dalsgaard, partner at CIP.
The Danish biogas technology provider, Lundsby Biogas A/S, will, as minority shareholder, take part in the development of the project.

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