Construction of EnviTec Biogas’ eighth plant in China underway

Construction of EnviTec Biogas’s eighth plant in China is well underway, just five months after signing the contract with East China Engineering Science and Technology.

The detailed design of the plant, which will produce 37,000 Nm3 per day of biogas, including the upgrading technology at the city of Tunliu in the province of Shanxi, is complete. The plant’s four fermenters will be fed in the future with agricultural by-products and livestock waste such as corn straw, manure, and poultry bedding.

“The feed systems of the substances used, namely the Konrad – Big Mix® loading systems and Vogelsang PreMix®, have been specially developed for dry, difficult to process substances and enable reliable management of agricultural residues,” said Stefan Dehne, technical sales manager at EnviTec Anlagenbau.

The process heat required for fermentation is supplied in the form of waste heat from a nearby biomass CHP plant. This prevents the use of natural gas and any other non-renewable energy sources.

The biomethane produced by the EnviThan system will be used as bio-CNG in the fuel sector, at the refuelling station built on site. The upgrading plant will use the latest generation Evonik membranes, making the transformation of biogas into biomethane ‘even more compact and efficient’, said the company.

Chem Weiwu of East China Engineering Science and Technology, said: “We look forward to collaborating with EnviTec again because thanks to its expertise we have already carried out successful projects in the biogas sector.”

Production of the pre-fabricated concrete elements necessary for the construction of the fermenter tanks was entrusted to a local factory. The required material and equipment were previously shipped to China from Germany.

“We also supply all major components and control technology,” said Dehne. “Naturally, we constantly support the customer throughout the entire project implementation, up to commissioning, and provide training courses for the operators directly on site.”

China is the largest CO2 producer in the world, but is committed to sustainability, said EnviTec, which represents ‘enormous potential’ for renewable energy technologies. The Chinese Government’s 13th and most recent development project includes over 3,000 large biogas plants across China.

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