Construction begins on Delorean Corp bioenergy project

Bioenergy infrastructure firm Delorean Corporation has commenced construction at a bioenergy project in Victoria, Australia.

The DEVO project is located in the agricultural area of Stanhope and co-located at Waranga Green Energy (WGE) Piggery. The plant will receive local organic food and agricultural waste streams that would otherwise be destined for landfill and process it to create renewable energy for the immediate and broader community and businesses.

The facility will be supplied with several sources of feedstock. WGE will be a key provider of feedstock for the facility, along with other third-party suppliers which includes a major local dairy food manufacturer.

Delorean has identified a further 50,000 tons per annum (tpa) of feedstock within a 40 kilometre (km) radius, and 97,000 tpa within a 100 km radius of the facility that will provide intake for the plant.

Delorean’s energy retail division will export the renewable energy produced by the plant into the grid. In a further extension of the circular approach, the digestate offtake will be utilised by various biofertiliser companies.

Anaerobic digestion is a mature stage technology internationally yet still emerging in Australia. The scope for bioenergy in the country remains vast and Delorean has several projects already under development and in construction.

Delorean holds a 90% interest in the project, with 10% ownership by the Bourke family, of WGE.

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