Construction begins on 5.1 MW biomass power plant

Voltalia has commenced construction work on a new biomass power plant in the city of Cacao, French Guiana.

The plant will have a 25 year contract with secured tariff, generating between 10 and 15 million euros of annual energy sales revenues, according to a statement from Voltalia. The power production generated into the public grid will be sold at a much lower price than that from diesel power plants currently running in French Guiana.

Wood waste feedstock for the plant will be supplied from local forest operations managed by the National Forestry Office, as well as from neighbouring sawmills.

French company Voltalia claims that the project will have a positive carbon footprint, avoiding 28,500 tonnes of CO2eq3 each year.

The new plant will contribute to the creation of up to 105 direct and indirect jobs during the construction phase. Meanwhile, Voltalia is training young operators to maintain the new plant at its existing Kourou biomass power plant.

As well as design, Voltalia is also responsible for the construction and operation maintenance of the facility. The Boccard and Berkes comapnies meanwhile, will supply the major equipment, such as boilers and turbines. 

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