Consortium prepares to break ground on biogas project

In Rothes, Scotland, UK, construction is due to start on a $60.5 million (€69 million) biomass CHP plant.

Utilising by-products sourced from Scotch Whisky distilleries, the facility will generate 7.2MW of electricity, produce animal feed and slash carbon emissions. Most of the electricity generated at the site, which is enough to power 9,000 households, will be transported to the national grid.

The plant was developed by Helius CoRDe – a collaboration between energy firm Helius Energy, Scotch Whisky producers The Combination of Rothes Distillers and project equity company Rabo Project Equity.

Creating jobs for around 100 people throughout the construction phase, in addition to a further 20 fulltime positions when up and running, the project is scheduled to be operational in 2013.

'This innovative project demonstrates how Scotch Whisky by-products can be put to good use to provide a bog boost to the environment and ensure there are new sources of energy available for future generations,' says Frank Burns, managing director of Helius CoRDe. 'It also shows distillers working together, and in partnership with third party expertise, for the future benefit of the entire industry. Without that collaboration the Rothes plant would not be possible.'

Adrian Bowles, CEO of Helius Energy, comments: 'We are delighted to start construction of this plant in Rothes and look forward to delivering low carbon renewable energy into the national grid on schedule.'

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