“Connections matter when piping methane to homes”

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With new legislation on mandatory kerbside collections of food waste coming in from 2023, production of biomethane gas is set to grow. As a low-carbon gas, so will its contribution to decarbonisation and energy security in the UK.
Tina Hawke, competitive market and future energy connections manager at Cadent Gas, highlighted the continued need to create space for biomethane connections into the gas grid.
"The anaerobic digestion (AD) sector has developed in a remarkably short time," she reflected. "Since our first commercial biomethane project in 2012, which connected a crop-fed AD plant to facilitate the injection of biomethane into the gas grid, Cadent has connected a further 40 AD plants to the gas grid.
"This amounts to the potential of 33,053 scmh of biomethane, which is enough to heat 261,395 homes," she added.
However, as the industry expands and the need for more green gas grows, Cadent is experiencing capacity constraints in areas of the gas network.
"We are having to be smarter in the way we create space in the gas grid, and we are working with out customers to identify optimal connection locations," said Hawke.
"We are currently...

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