Comstock files for patent covering pathways to produce renewable fuels

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Renewable energy technology developer Comstock Inc. has announced a significant expansion of its cellulosic technology portfolio by filing for a new patent covering breakthrough pathways to produce renewable diesel, marine, sustainable aviation fuel and gasoline from woody biomass.

Production would come at dramatically improved yield, efficiency and cost in comparison to all known methods, the company said. These technology advancements should enable a new sustainable feedstock capable of neutralising a substantial share of current US mobility emissions.

Comstock’s plans to decarbonise with renewable fuels involves abundant feedstocks that are not used today, enabling a vast untapped energy source with superior benefits.

Based on current performance data, Comstock projects best-in-class renewable fuel yields exceeding 80 gallons per dry ton (on a gasoline gallon equivalent basis), with lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions reductions well exceeding 80% over petroleum.

David Winsness, President of Comstock’s renewable fuels business, commented: “The existing U.S. refining capacity is far greater than current feedstocks can support.

“We believe that our expanded technology solutions, and the magnitude of feedstocks that they enable, unblock one of the most critical supply chain constraints for providing a massive renewable fuel solution across the U.S. and global mobility markets.”

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