Companies sign deal for algae biodiesel development in India

World Health Energy Holdings (WHEH), a public holding company that works on forming joint ventures with algae companies for the production of biodiesel and fish food, says it has signed a deal with Indian company Prime to build a biodiesel facility.

The production site will sit on 250 acres and cost up to $100 million (€77 million) to build. So far two sites are being considered for the development – Tamil Nadu and Karnataka – both in India.

The technology that will be used is known as the GB3000 system and is involves growing algae in the Indian region and in the past customers have included Exxon, Shell, General Electric and Siemens.

The process allows for algae to be grown ‘quickly and efficiently’ according to Prime, and has previously been used to grow local algae species, such as Chlorella.

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