Commercialisation plans launched for Minnesota biomass facility

Attis Innovations, a wholly owned subsidiary of Meridian Waste Solutions, has initiated commercialisation plans for its biomass processing facility. The company will immediately begin feedstock evaluation and assess potential locations for commercial scale operations.

Over the past month, Attis has completed a series of acquisitions to strengthen its position in the bio-based economy. The company holds an exclusive license to American Science Technology Corporation’s (AST) patents and AST’s biomass processing facility in Wausau, WI. Attis Innovations is now planning to build its first 60,000 US ton per year commercial production facility in Minnesota.

Attis is currently evaluating potential feedstocks for conversion into pulp, cellulosic sugars and the company’s own ‘melt-flowing lignin’. Hardwood and softwood tree grown in northern Minnesota, as well as agricultural crop residues from corn, soybean and wheat growers in southern parts of Minnesota mean the state is particularly appealing for the project. Each year, the state generates around 27 million tons of forest and agricultural residues, as well as having a living tree inventory of about 465 million tons.

Through Minnesota’s AGRI Bioincentive Program, Attis will be able to apply for direct production payments from the state. According to a statement, Attis’ melt-flowing lignin will qualify for $0.06 per pound payment, and its cellulosic sugars will qualify for $0.03 per pound produced.

“This is an exciting time for Attis, its shareholders and those looking to create jobs in rural America,” stated Jeff Cosman, CEO of Meridian Waste.

Attis claims it is capable of generating between 35% and 100% more revenue than pulp, paper and cellulosic fuel production facilities, thanks to its technologies being able to convert both cellulose and lignin into a wide variety of products. 

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