Colorado utilities issue Request for Information (RFI) for expanded RNG use

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Atmos Energy Corporation, Black Hills Colorado Gas doing business as Black Hills Energy, Colorado Springs Utilities, and Xcel Energy – Colorado announced that they have jointly issued a request for information (RFI) to identify future developers of renewable natural gas (RNG), including recovered methane projects associated with Colorado’s Clean Heat Statute.
The development of RNG helps utilities deliver lower carbon gas to customers and reduces carbon footprints without replacing heating systems or other appliances.
The RFI is now open to developers, marketers and others who can provide RNG to Colorado utilities.
They have until 31 July to respond with information on RNG for sale from facilities currently in operation, projects that are under development, or future ventures.
Following initial interest, the utilities will provide additional information at the request of developers before the 1 September response deadline.
The RNG must be generated within the state of Colorado and meet Colorado’s recovered methane requirements for Clean Heat Plans.
While the utilities can express interest, final approval of projects will come from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission or other governing bodies.
All agreements will be contingent on receiving approval.

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