Cogeneration plant planned for Washington State

In Washington, US, Nippon Paper Industries is planning the construction of a cogeneration plant.

The $71 million (€53.5 million) facility will be built at its mill in Port Angeles and generate steam and electricity from forest biomass that would otherwise remain unused or be burned.

The biomass will produce 20MW of energy which will be sold to utility companies, while the new plant will add another 20 employees to its current 200-strong workforce.

Work on the facility is expected to begin later this year, following the completion of environmental studies and the approval of local and state permits.

The project will include a new steam boiler and a turbine generator, as well as the erection of a number of buildings.

According to Harold Norlund, the mill manager at Port Angeles: ‘The cogeneration of steam and electricity from this project will take our business to a new and more sustainable level and allow us to continue to improve our paper making business.’

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