Cocurrent eye up West Virginia for new plant site

Waste gasification provider Cocurrent BioEnergy is aiming to develop a waste-to-energy facility in West Virginia, US.

In an interview given with a local newspaper, Cocurrent said the plant would treat batches of unsorted municipal solid waste using its gasification technology to create synthetic gas that would heat water, create steam and generate electricity.

Sources from inside Cocurrent believe as many as five plants could be built in the state and site evaluation is on-going.

Cocurrent representatives have reportedly already spoken about its ideas with Charleston Mayor Danny Jones, city manager David Molgaard and South Charleston Mayor Frank Mullens.

A proposal delivered to South Charleston was for Cocurrent to build a 10 to 15 MW decentralised, 300 ton per day unit across three acres for around $30 million (€23.6 million).

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