Coca-Cola HB Italia enters MoU with Ikigai to decarbonise transport emissions

Coca-Cola HBC Italia (CCHBC) has announced the creation of a consortium made up of its main hauliers Italtrans, Number1, Casilli Enterprise and Favaro Servizi, London-based energy transition adviser Ikigai Capital (IKIGAI) and green energy development company NVA, to decarbonise its road transport operations using biomethane and hydrogen as part of their 2040 net-zero objective.  

Ikigai will, (alongside NVA), deliver a pilot project in the next phases that will include the creation of multi-fuel hubs for the supply of green fuels (including electricity, biomethane and hydrogen) and create the ecosystem for the supply of zero emissions/low carbon vehicles.  

All parties involved (demand, supply, technology providers, funders and government entities) will need to work jointly to create a critical mass on the demand side, the appropriate technical solutions as well as the financial support and incentives to deliver the energy transition.  

Manuel Biella, director of Italian Supply Chain, said: “We recognise the enormous challenges to achieve net-zero emissions in the road transport sector but we also know that the change is needed now and we want to be leading the way.  

“That’s why Coca-Cola HBC Italia is committed to supporting this project and our hauliers in their decarbonisation journey and invest resources to lead the way and become an example for a sustainable logistics sector.”  

Roberto Castiglioni, co-founder and CEO of Ikigai Capital, added: “We don’t believe there is a silver bullet to decarbonise the transport sector. We believe we need a silver bucket -different solutions for different applications. That’s why we believe multi-fuel hubs are the answer and we are eager to export our model to Italy with such a forward-thinking client like CCHBC.  

“It’s all about understanding the real-life challenges through data analysis, having a holistic and technology-agnostic approach, while delivering value to all of the project stakeholders.” 

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