CoalSwitch testing yields promising results

Active Energy Group’s CEO, Michael Rowan, speaks to Bioenergy Insight about the recent testing of its CoalSwitch™ fuel and plans to increase production.

Active Energy Group (AEG), headquartered in London, has been busy developing its innovative CoalSwitch™ fuel to help utilities cut emissions.

In April last year, Bioenergy Insight spoke with the company’s CEO, Michael Rowan, about the company’s plans to develop its clean energy pellets, which utilise locally-sourced residual biomass such as bark, treetops and branches. Since then, independent testing of AEG’s CoalSwitch pellets in the US has shown the fuel burns cleaner and produces fewer pollutants than coal.

The CoalSwitch fuel was produced from the waste wood residuals at AEG’s facility in Ashland, Maine, and was delivered to Utah to undergo the first phase of the extensive testing programme in the second quarter of last year. CoalSwitch was produced using AEG’s proprietary steam beneficiation process.

The main focus of this phase of testing was to evaluate the burning and material handling properties of CoalSwitch....

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