Coal given the boot for biomass in Canada

The conversion from coal to biomass power at the Ontario Power Generation-owned Atikokan Generating Station is now underway.

The Ontario Ministry of Energy believe that, once fully converted with an operational date set of late 2014, the plant will be capable of generating more than 200MW of clean power.

‘We are one step closer to eliminating the use of dirty coal while building a modern, reliable energy system that families and businesses know they can count on,’ says minister of energy Chris Bentley. ‘By reducing harmful emissions we are ensuring a cleaner, healthier Ontario for current and future generations.’

The conversion is expected to cost approximately $170 million (€129.8 million) and include plant modifications to provide peak capacity and the construction of a fuel storage and handling system that can handle up to 90,000 metric tonnes of biomass fuel a year.

Bentley adds that, with this conversion underway, the province has now shut down 11 of its 19 coal-fired plants.

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