CO2 liquefaction plant for pioneering Swiss project

The Swiss company CO2 Energie AG has commissioned Hitachi Zosen Inova to construct an installation to separate and liquefy renewable carbon dioxide at an existing biogas plant.
This renewable by-product will be made available for industrial purposes, avoiding the use of fossil carbon dioxide, and contribute to global climate protection and decarbonisation efforts in a pilot project showing the path into the future.
The existing biogas plant at the site has until now produced biogas, which is upgraded into biomethane for feeding into the regional natural gas grid.
The process involves separating the carbon dioxide in the biogas from the methane. In the future the new installation will capture and liquefy the CO2 from the gas upgrading process for use as product gas in various industrial applications.
The liquefaction plant will have a processing capacity of 4,000 t/a CO2. In addition to the efficient utilisation of carbon dioxide, the project contributes to the substitution of fossil CO2.
Hitachi is developing the plant as a compact, container construction that will liquefy the high-purity product gas and inject it into storage tanks.
Upgrading existing biogas plants with CO2 liquefaction is a pioneering project for plant operators that also pays off monetarily by serving other sectors of the economy, making it fully circular.
Hitachi’s Renewable Gas division also provides biogas and gas upgrading technologies, making it a partner with a wealth of experience in all the work involved, including comprehensive expertise in the relevant interfaces – a key advantage when it comes to integrating equipment into the overall concept.

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