CNG fuelling stations on busy travel routes

Three compressed natural gas (CNG) fuelling stations have been built along Ontario’s highway 401, according to news outlet NGT News.

The stations are located at Flying J and Husky travel centres in North America. NGT News reports that the facilities have been built in partnership with Clean Energy Fuels Corp and Union Energy Solutions.

CNG will be conveniently accessible for heavy-duty truck fleets from the network of stations as they will be located along some of the most heavily trafficked truck routes in the province. The stations are situated at Husky Travel Centre, Windsor, Flying J between London and Woodstock and Flying J, Napanee in Eastern Ontario.

Through its Electric Vehicle and Alternative Fuels Infrastructure Deployment Initiative, Natural Resources Canada has contributed $3 million (€3.3 million) to the three CNG stations.

NGT News states that parliamentary member Peter Fragiskatos said on behalf of Amarjeet Sohi, Canada’s minister of Natural Resources: “These stations provide transport companies with cleaner options to move their goods, cutting costs, reducing pollution and improving productivity. Our government is committed to growing the infrastructure needed to make it easier and more convenient for Canadians to drive electric and alternative fuel vehicles.”

In a nearby biogas facility, the London CNG station is to offer renewable natural gas (RNG) provided by StormFisher Environmental.   




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