Clenergen begins production in India

In India Clenergen Corporation has begun generating electricity at its anaerobic digestion plant located in Salem, Tamilnadu.

By 1 September the plant will produce 1MW/h of renewable energy. This will increase to 1.5MW/h by October this year.

The facility will use methane from chicken waste, which is then used to power the plant’s GE Jenbacher turbine engines.

Clenergen intends to install an additional gas engine at the plant as the digestive process has the capacity to generate over 1.5MW/h without further modifications required. There is sufficient chicken waste available within a 35km radius of the plant to support in excess of 10MW/h of renewable electricity and Clenergen is planning to expand its operations in this region in 2011.

The company has Power Purchase Agreements for the sale of peak and off-peak electricity, along with the sale of the by-product (compost), which produces a monthly income of $150,000 (€118,322).

Speaking about the Agreement Mark Quinn, executive chairman of Clenergen Corporation, said: ‘After completing two months of improvements and testing at the plant, we are now able to generate renewable electricity on a 24/7 basis. Revenues from the plant will provide working capital for our operations in India to continue with the rollout of biomass power plants and biomass feedstock plantations in India.’

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