Clean slate opportunities for bioenergy in the US

The early signs of the Biden Administration are encouraging for the bioenergy industry.

Bioenergy leaders in the US once again have a President in the White House who believes in climate change and is committed to doing everything within his power to combat its impact on the world.

While it is impossible, at this stage, to calculate what such a commitment will mean for the industry at ground level over the next four years, the early signs are encouraging. President Joe Biden’s first day activities on 20 January included the restoration of the US’s membership of the Paris Climate Agreement, a move which became effective on 21 February. While the urgent demands of dealing with COVID-19 and the setting of new relationships with other world leaders are inevitably dominating the new President’s ‘first- 100-days’ agenda, the pursuit of climate-sensitive policies and actions remain a central part of the new administration’s programme.

Newly appointed US Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, speaking in early March, described her department as one of US Government’s ‘fighting forces’ to be used to...

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