Clean Energy to distribute large-scale volumes of biomethane

Clean Energy Fuels, one of North America's largest providers of natural gas for transportation, is ready to begin distributing commercial volumes of its renewable natural gas vehicle fuel at 35 public Clean Energy stations throughout California.

The company's fuel – Redeem – is made from waste materials collected from landfill, diary and sewage plants and today already powers thousands of cars, taxis, shuttles and industrial fleets in the state. Clean Energy says Redeem is up to 90% cleaner than diesel and 100% renewable.

'Our goal is to produce and distribute 15 million gallons of Redeem in our first year which can make significant progress towards achieving California's climate change goals and prove this is a viable, cleaner and abundant alternative fuel source for our future,' says Clean Energy president and CEO Andrew Littlefair.

Harrison Clay, president of Clean Energy subsidiary Clean Energy Renewable Fuels, adds: 'California's leadership in addressing the threat of climate change and its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions makes it the ideal state to launch Clean Energy's Redeem fuel.'

Clean Energy has made a significant investment in natural gas fuelling infrastructure, including 400 fuelling stations throughout the nation, and in the development of multiple biomethane production facilities that will produce Redeem.

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