Clean Energy announces major RNG project at Idaho dairy

Clean Energy Fuels Corp (Clean Energy) has signed an agreement to build a methane capture digester at a dairy in Idaho, the company will announce as part of its five-year outlook.

The firm will share the direction and specific activities it is taking to grow its RNG business in a webcast today (26 January).

As part of the presentation, Clean Energy will discuss plans to build a digester at Millenkamp Dairy in Jerome, Idaho – one of the largest dairy farms in the US. The project is expected to provide an anticipated five million gallons of low-carbon intensity RNG annually, which will flow into Clean Energy’s fuelling network.

“A legacy of trust is our motto at Millenkamp and we’ve always held ourselves to the highest standard in how we manage our cattle and the dairy,” said dairy owner Bill Millenkamp.

“Adding the ability to produce what can be millions of gallons of clean fuel reinforces our commitment to sustainability. As a family business, it’s extremely important to leave a better operation to the next generation and this new methane capture digester will move us towards that goal.”

In a statement released ahead of the webcast, Clean Energy’s president and CEO, Andrew Littlefair, commented: “With carbon reduction up to 500%, RNG is the epitome of renewable energy.

“It presents enormous potential in sustainable transportation, so we’re focused on a pathway to grow both the production and distribution of this negative carbon intensity fuel.”

The webcast will include Clean Energy’s five-year financial overview and a summary of opportunities for RNG production and policy adoption in specific states. It will also look at the ways RNG, coupled with Clean Energy’s expertise, can transition to new clean technologies in the future.”

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