Clarke Energy, BioTown Biogas to develop RNG plant

Clarke Energy USA will design, supply, and install a biogas upgrading plant to generate biomethane (RNG) with BioTown Biogas in Indiana. The agreement includes a biogas engine generating renewable electricity and heat.

BioTown is an existing renewable energy business expanding into the generation of biogas to be cleaned to gas grid injection standards as biomethane.

Five farming groups close to the plant will supply agricultural waste feedstock for the digesters. Approximately 500-600,000 gallons per day of slurry from approximately 25,000 milking cows equivalent will be supplied for the biogas to operate on.

The biogas generated will be used for two functions – firstly, 460 standard cubic feet per minute (scfm) of treated biogas will fuel the INNIO engine to generate renewable electricity and heat to support the local operations. In addition, over 1,500 scfm of raw biogas will be cleaned and injected into the national gas grid, where it will be marketed into the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS) programme and capture D3 Renewable Identification Numbers. The installation will prevent 150,000 tons per annum of CO2 emissions.

“BioTown is delivering its first project incorporating technology to upgrade raw biogas into RNG,” said Chad Hoerr, general manager of BioTown.

“We selected Clarke Energy due to the high performance of the membrane-based solution and the company’s ability to deliver a full turnkey solution backed by local after-sales support.

“In addition, financial closure of the project was helped by the fact that Clarke Energy is a wholly-owned KOHLER company, satisfying our leader’s concerns regarding our suppliers’ corporate strength to deliver this important, large scale and complex project.”

Jamie Clarke, CEO of Clarke Energy, added: “RNG has the potential to support the decarbonisation of the US’ gas distribution network and is an important part of our offering in the US market.

“To this end, we are honoured to have been selected by BioTown to deliver our first RNG project alongside them in Indiana. BioTown has been an important customer over the past few years, and it is pleasing to see they have shown continued faith in Clarke Energy with the award of this contract.”

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