City of Toronto to generate RNG from green bin organics

The City of Toronto will generate RNG from green bin organics, working in partnership with Enbridge Gas.

The City of Toronto’s Solid Waste Management Services Division has installed infrastructure at Dufferin Solid Waste Management Facility that will enable the city to take raw biogas produced from processing green bin organics, turn it into RNG, and inject it into the natural gas grid.

The city has been working with Enbridge Gas to create and realise the vision for the project at the Dufferin site. This includes the design and construction of the facility, as well as its operation and maintenance for the first 15 years.

Toronto collects around 170,000 tonnes of organic material through its Green Bin Organics programme annually. The city has two state-of-the-art organics processing facilities – Disco Road and Dufferin – which use innovative pre-processing and AD technology to break down organic material.

The Dufferin Organics Processing Facility is one of the first full-scale AD facilities to open in North America and was recently expanded to increase its processing capacity from 25,000 tonnes to 55,000 tonnes of organic material per year.

The city also identified potential biogas or landfill gas upgrading opportunities at several other city waste facilities including the Disco Road site, Green Lane Landfill, and Keele Valley Landfill. All four sites combined would have the potential to produce enough gas to fulfil the city’s entire natural gas needs annually, excluding the city agency, boards, and commissions.

The next facility to receive RNG infrastructure will be the Disco Road site, with plans to have the facility up and running by the end of 2023.

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