CHP plant under construction in Hungary

Construction has started on a $6 million (€4.4 million) biogas plant in Bekes, Hungary, UPI reports.

Hidashati Farm is behind the 1.2MW project and commissioned Biogaz Unio to build the plant.

The plant will handle animal waste to generate 1.2MW of renewable energy – enough power for 2,500 homes and heat for 1,500 homes a year.

The feedstock for the plant will be collected from cattle on Hidashati Farm's 800-acre farm.

'In the longer term, costs will be reduced and thus increase our competitiveness,' Hidashati Farm CEO Laszlo Vegh was quoted as saying. 'The ability to compete against western European companies is a very important part of the process.'

The Hungarian government invested $2.9 million in the project, which also received additional funding from local investors.

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