CHP plant planned for UBC

Gasification systems manufacturer Nexterra Systems and GE’s Jenbacher gas engine division has developed a new biomass combined heat and power (CHP) system that will make its first appearance at the University of British Colombia, Canada.

The biomass facility will generate 2MW of electricity a year from approximately 12,500 tonnes of dry wood waste, some of which will be provided by the city of Vancouver and local businesses.

According to Nexterra construction on the pant is due to start later this year before it can begin operation 16 to 18 months later.

‘This is the first gas-fired internal combustion engine application that we’re doing and it’s quite significant to us because it represents a new application for the industry in North America,’ said Darcy Quinn, business development manager at Nexterra. ‘By putting the syngas into an engine you’re getting higher electrical efficiencies, as well you have lower operating requirements and less water requirements.’

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