CHP company Entrade on top ten innovators list

The waste-to-energy company is sixth out of the ten companies in the energy list. This year, Apple topped the Fast Company general list of the top fifty most innovative companies.

Over three dozen editors, reporters and contributors looked at thousands of companies to make the list. The other companies in the 2018 energy top ten are Green Mountain Power, BYD, Sonnen, Drift Marketplace, WePower, Entrade, GE Power, Ciel & Terre, Zen Ecosystems and Dandelion.

“Portable gasifiers have long been proposed but never perfected: unwanted moisture and tar build-ups have poisoned performance. It’s taken advanced German engineering to make it happen.” wrote Fast Company.

“Being selected by Fast Company as an innovator in the energy sector is an honour; Entrade represents more than just an optimisation of renewable sources, it is the realisation of a vision to provide off grid energy solutions to communities in need. Having created such a moveable micro power plant, we are proud to be expanding into our first large-scale project in a developing country this year via our partnership with TATA Power in India,” CEO of Entrade Julien Uhlig said in a statement. 

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