Chinese firm to build biomass facility in Guinea-Bissau

The government of the West Africa-based country of Guinea-Bissau has signed an agreement with Chinese firm Shenyang Lan Sa Trading Co for the construction of a biomass power plant to supply energy to the cities of Bissau and Mansoa in the centre of the country.

According to reports on Machuhub.com, Xuguang Li, president of Shenyang Lan Sa Trading Co, signed the contract.

Shenyang Lan Sa Trading Co will produce an “unspecified amount of rice” for food production and to feed the plant (33%), according to the news report.

According to Li, the signing of this memorandum is the culmination of five years of studies conducted by his company on the feasibility of the project.

The Minister of Agriculture, Rui Nene Djata said the deal comes in response to a call by the President of the Republic José Mario Vaz to intensify rice production to ensure food self-sufficiency in Guinea-Bissau.

The Shenyang Lan Sa Trading Co, headquartered in the province and Liaoning in northern China, in 2012 signed with the government of Guinea-Bissau a series of agreements to build social housing, an industrial complex in the capital, rehabilitation of a cotton factory in Bafata and construction of water collection and distribution facilities in Bissau.

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