Chinese dairy produces power from cow manure

In Shenyang, China, Huishan Dairy is to turn biogas produced from cows into renewable energy.

The dairy owns over 20 farms housing a total of 250,000 cows. Now, after installing what is claimed to be the world’s largest methane capturing system, the methane produced from around 60,000 of these cows will generate an estimated 5.6MW.

The system collects methane from aged manure, which is converted into biogas in an anaerobic digester. The green electricity is created when the otherwise waste gas is burned in a GE Jenbacher engine. It is thought that a large percentage of this manure-to-electricity will be used to power the farm.

The company behind this technology, Blue Sphere Corp., is claimed to have reported that ‘the plant could also generate 619,770 tonnes of fertiliser and reduce carbon emissions by 180,000 tonnes per year.’

Source: CNN Go

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