China’s ‘first’ fully integrated urban-rural project launched in Lingbi

China’s ‘first’ fully integrated biomass and waste-to-energy project launched in Lingbi

China Everbright Greentech has announced that construction is complete on the Lingbi integrated biomass and waste-to-energy project, with the site commencing commercial operation. The Lingbi urban-rural integration project is the first of its kind in China to have had its biomass treatment and waste-to-energy facilities constructed all at once.

A total of RMB 250 million (€32 million) has been invested on the waste-to-energy component of the project. The plant has a designed total household waste processing capacity of 400 tonnes, while its gas emissions fully comply with the Euro 2010 Standard.

The total investment on the biomass component of the project will amount to RMB 320 million (€41 million), achieving a combined annual agricultural waste and straw processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes. It is equipped with a 130 tonnes/hour (t/h) furnace and 30mw turbine power generator. The project is expected to generate approximately 210 million kwh of electricity annually

Mr. Qian Xiaodong, CEO of China Everbright Greentech, said, "The Lingbi Urban-rural Integration Project is the first fully-integrated urban and rural waste management project to have been constructed in one go in China. This innovative business model has meant that the project can process and create a synergy between agricultural and forestry waste and rural household waste. As a result, this business model is expected to not only maximise environmental service output but also to lower the overall costs of development and operation as compared with developing and operating these projects on a standalone basis, thereby increasing the overall investment returns of the relevant projects." 

He continued: "The completion and commenced operations of the Lingbi Urban-rural Integration Project and Nanqiao Project will take the treatment of local agricultural waste and straw and rural household waste to the next level in terms of integrated and harmless treatment methods and reuse. China Everbright Greentech will fully leverage its operating experience and abundance of resources to push forward the steady growth of its business and create desirable returns for shareholders." 

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