China Everbright secures Henan Zhecheng integrated biomass and waste-to-energy project

Hong Kong-based China Everbright Greentech has announced that it has recently secured the Henan Zhecheng integrated biomass and waste-to-energy project, and the Jiangxi Guixi Hazardous waste integrated treatment project with a total investment of approximately RMB918 million (€119m).

The Zhecheng integrated project has a total investment of RMB537 million. Around RMB302 million of this investment is used for the biomass technology in the project.

The development is designed with an annual agricultural waste processing capacity of 300,000 tonnes and is expected to generate approximately 210,000,000kWh of electricity annually.

Around RMB235 million will be used for the waste-to-energy side of the development, and this development will be constructed on a build-operate-transfer model.

It is designed with a daily household waste processing capacity of 400 tonnes, with its gas emissions fully complying with the Euro 2010 Standard. 

Qian Xiaodong, CEO of Everbright Greentech, said:  "After the signing of Zhecheng Integrated Project, the number of Everbright Greentech's biomass projects in Henan Province has increased to 7, which will further increase the influence of our brand in the province.

“Upon completion of construction works, the peoject will integrate with our urban-rural integration projects in places such as Dangshan County, Xiao County and Xiayi County to enhance synergetic effect in the region, and further improve the overall quality of our environmental services in the region. 

"Guixi City, well known as an emerging copper-mining city in China, is regarded as China's renewable resources recycling base. With approximately 200 companies located in Guixi Industrial Park, Guixi Copper-based Development Zone for the Circular Economy and the local parathion chemical base, the city is well induatrialised with a robust demand for hazardous waste treatment services.

“ (The) Guixi project will be able to respond to this demand effectively upon commencement of the project construction. In addition, the project is Everbright Greentech's first hazardous waste treatment project in Jiangxi Province. As always, we will continue to construct and operate the project to a high standard, and contribute towards the city's sustainable development." 

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