China Everbright International provides emission standard information on waste-to-energy projects

Environmental solutions provider China Everbright International has announced that its group has begun to provide online monitoring report of the hourly average level of gas emission for all of its operating waste-to-energy projects.

This marks the completion of the "Four Steps" environmental information disclosure plan launched by the group in August 2015. 

In a statement, the Hong Kong-based group said that in less than one and a half year since August 2015, the group has successfully achieved its goal of disclosing environmental impact assessments and publishing the levels of its operating waste-to-energy projects' environmental indicators on a monthly, daily and hourly basis.

Additionally, since 1 June 2016, the group has opened its operating waste-to-energy projects to the public during the first weekend of each month. The general public could make reservations to visit the plants by phone or by email. From June to December 2016, the group facilitated 1,684 visits with 31,491 visitors.

In a statement, the group said: “These important initiatives are new breakthroughs for Everbright International in terms of information transparency and disclosure. By doing so, the group has set new benchmarks and has become a role model in the waste-to-energy industry.”

Representatives from industry associations, including the China Ecological Civilization Research and Promotion Association, the Chinese Society for Environmental Sciences and the All-China Environment Federation among others, attended a press conference on the announcement and spoke highly of Everbright International's disclosure mechanisms as well as the Group's actions and willingness to undertake responsibility. 

Euro 2010 Standard

Currently, Everbright International has 26 waste-to-energy projects that have already completed construction and commenced operation. Gas emissions fully comply with the Euro 2010 Standard (Directive 2010/75/EU) with their dioxin emission levels nearly at zero, according to the group.

From 1 January 2017, Everbright International has begun to disclose the levels of the indicators of its operating waste-to-energy projects.

Speaking about the news, Chen Xiaoping, CEO of Everbright International, said: "As China promotes waste-to-energy as an important means of processing household waste, large and medium-sized cities will focus on developing household waste-to-energy technologies.

“By 2020, the waste incineration treatment rate in China will reach 40%. With the exponential development of the industry, it is crucial to increase the public's understanding and promote environmental protection education.

“Open and transparent disclosure of environmental information has always been a foundation from which to build trust among governments, enterprises and the general public. In terms of environmental and social responsibilities, enterprises should take the initiative to push forward information disclosure within the industry and act as a role model, a process which equates to sharpening a sword with constant and fierce friction." 

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