Chile company set to produce biogas for vehicles

Metrogas, a natural gas developer from Chile, is working on a project to process street market waste into biogas for vehicles in two years.

The company has completed research tests and will install a pilot anaerobic digestion plant in 2016 by investing up to $350,000 (€313,000).

This investment is expected to be followed by an industrial plant in the next years.

Chile’s capital Santiago alone produces enough organic waste to produce 3.5 million m3 of biogas annyally.

After purification the produced gas will sent to gas pumps and sold to vehicle operators, such as taxis and commercial transport fleets.

Danilo Flores, innovation manager at Metrogas, says the company plans to apply for public funds to help finance the final commercial plant and intends to work together with municipalities, universities, and private firms.

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